Who we work with

We focus on small to medium sized enterprises run by owners who have built their businesses from the ground up. We look for medium technology products with medium barriers to entry.

Staying true to our key skills in sourcing, stocking, distribution, financial control and marketing, our companies can leverage these for their own success.

We build clusters of businesses in similar activities, industry segments or customer channels giving our group members a chance to share knowledge and experience.

Owner Managers

Whether you're looking for a business partnership, support to help upscale your business or looking to part-sell, we can guide you through our options.

Our Staff

Passionate, dedicated and with a wealth of business expertise, our team makes a real difference to bringing our clients success and contributing to our culture.

Partner Staff

Staff who joined us through acquisition have blended seamlessly within Flowmax, whilst maintaining brand identity and consistency day-to-day.

Looking to sell?

If you're looking to sell all of your business for retirement, personal circumstances or business growth, our friendly team are here to help.

About the companies in our group

What does being part of the Flowmax Group mean?

Businesses choose Flowmax because we provide a support network when they need it and share their genuine passion for success.

Shareholder Rewards

Realisation of the equity you have built up in your business. Continue to share in the financial reward as your company continues to grow.

Business Growth Support

Partnership working, Strategic guidance and Operational advice. Access to financial investment and funding + significant business experience and group knowledge.

Development Support

Tailored training and development programme for key team members. Networking and knowledge sharing with others.

Your Company’s Future

Building your company's future with continued involvement in decision making, supporting your business culture and ethos.

Keeping your Vision

Involvement in an entrepreneurial culture which understands and supports ‘family owned’ businesses. Acting in the best interest of your business.

Networking Opportunities

We build clusters of businesses in similar activities, industry segments or customer channels giving Group members a chance to share knowledge and experience.
Our Staff

Passionate team members making a real difference to customers.

Hear from some of our acquired staff to find out what their experiences were like joining the Flowmax Group with their companies. 

Want to know more? Please send us an enquiry.

Who we currently work with

Flowmax Ltd is an operational partner working with, investing in and helping SME’s grow to the next level.

We work with, invest in and help SME’s grow to the next level. Our businesses retain a large degree of autonomy, and are managed locally. With our input and collaboration each team has a true sense of ownership in their destiny and success.

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Companies in Flowmax
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