Growth for SMEs

When we buy a majority stake in your company, we work in collaboration with you to strategically grow your business to the next level.

Business Support

Working in partnership with us, our group members are able to access our range of expertise, experience & finance to help reach their specific goals.

Shareholder Rewards

In a “two-step-sale”, take some cash now, continue to receive dividends while you work and your business grows, then sell the remainder when you retire.
About us

We are dedicated to supporting you.

As an operational partner we help SMEs grow and move through the stages of their development, working with, supporting and guiding the business for the long term.

We invest in owner managed SMEs with sales between £1.5M and £7.5M, who have a track record of growth.

Our businesses manufacture, import and distribute medium technology fluid management and control
products, renewables, pharmaceuticals and technical products.

We work with entrepreneurs and teams building a sense of ownership, investing for the long term, supporting our businesses in achieving the next step in their development.

Our businesses retain a large degree of autonomy, are managed locally, with our input and collaboration. Each team has a true sense of ownership in their destiny and success.

Largely family owned, we are committed to conducting business in a professional, transparent and ethical manner.

Expert Team

Collaborate with other leaders across our group or call on industry experts.

Strategy & Goals

We will challenge you, support you and when needed share the load.


External advisors and internal experts work with you to develop and
professionalise your team.

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Shareholder rewards – share in the financial success.
Support to grow your business – we provide partnership, funding and access to significant business experience and group knowledge.
Support for developing you and your people – tailored training and development programmes.

Offering business support, investment options and fantastic career opportunities.

Our approach is unique in that companies joining our group can tap into support, experience, finance and expertise yet still retain their identity, and collaboratively set the course for their long term business growth while retaining significant day-to-day responsibility for the company.

Flowmax in numbers.

A snapshot of Flowmax in numbers. Our team’s wealth of experience and passionate dedication combined with Flowmax’s established reputation mean we set realistic goals and guidance to success for SMEs.

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Find out our latest success stories made possible by our fantastic team. To find out how we could help you scale your business to the next level and what would be involved, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

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We can partner with you with the goal of retaining senior management and provide a wealth of crucial benefits to steer your business to success. Read below the experiences of senior management who joined Flowmax when their company partnered with us.