Potential Flowmax Group businesses

Flowmax Limited is an industrial holding company comprising of a group of small businesses associated with the manufacture, import and distribution of medium technology fluid handling equipment, consumables, spares and service. We are an entrepreneurial organisation with a goal to grow as a business and increase cash generation for owners in our group operating within strict ethical principles.

We aim to invest where we can be a significant majority shareholder in an SME most likely with an owner/manager who is prepared to continue in the business.

Below is a quick check list to help identify if your business would fit well within our Group.


If you would like to discuss selling your business and the Flowmax Group, please get in touch.

Key Acquisition Criteria

Business Size

✓ Annual revenue / sales £5M-£7M with an upper limit of £8M and lower of £1.5M.
✓ Profitable
✓ Clear growth opportunities
✓ Opportunity for Flowmax to add value
✓ Staff numbers 10-35 employees

Location of Business

The advent of video conferencing apps and more frequent use of remote working has changed the importance of location. Most of our businesses supply a physical product and a new group company needs to be “accessible” not just to it’s customers but to us. It will operate independently, but Flowmax will be in regular contact.

> Preferred: England, Wales, Scotland
> Secondary: Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland
> Businesses with a single site are preferred

Product examples

Our history is in medium technology fluid management and control products, traditionally in the fuel oil sector. Our strategy is to move out of this sector into markets with better longevity but to retain the fluids link. This might include:

Fluid management & control products:
> Hose, specialty hose, tubing, connectors, couplings, valves, meters (fluid flow, heat), sensors, level indicators, storage, pumps, equipment for testing & monitoring

> Supply of heat-pumps (ground, air, water), building energy recovery heat exchange systems including ventilation, energy management controls

Segment Strategy

Fluids management & control including:
> Water and effluent
> Water management, filtration, and purification
> Chemical, pharmaceutical, beverage process industries

> After-market sales to the energy generation sector [heat-pumps, wind turbine, wave energy, solar, biomass, energy networks]

Pharmaceutical equipment or consumables:
> Used by pilot plants, research laboratories, life sciences
> Including Medical appliances, pharmaceutical lab equipment, pharmaceutical processing equipment, Diagnostic Products for Clinical Laboratories


Running a business is a challenging activity and it is best to stay in areas where your expertise lies. Activities which are outside of our core experience are:

> Business to Consumer sales
> Capital-intensive industries
> Major project sales
> High levels of service activity
Our qualified team are on hand to answer any enquiries.

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