SA Bias Industries (Pty) Limited including Flowmax Group and subsidiary companies


We take pride in our reputation for acting fairly and ethically wherever we do business. Our reputation is built on our values as a company, the values of our employees and management, the values of the Group, and our collective commitment to acting with integrity throughout our organisation. We condemn corruption and bribery in all its forms, and we take a zero-tolerance approach to it within our business.

If you are offered a bribe, or are asked to make one, or if you believe or suspect that any bribery, corruption or other breach of the Group’s Anti-corruption Policy has occurred or may occur, you must notify the Group Compliance Manager as soon as possible on Information received will be treated as confidential.

Bribery is just not worth the risk.

Zero-tolerance on Bribery and Corruption

Contact: to report a breach of the policy or the offer of a bribe. Your details will remain confidential.