Tom Morgan


I have been with Alpeco since 1998 and as a much younger man remember being one of Flowmax’s first acquisitions. 2020 has given me two more big firsts: My first full year as MD and my first global pandemic, but with a great team behind me at Alpeco we have survived, made a profit and are looking forward to 2021.

Being an MD of a small company means I can choose how I allocate my time. I can be involved with all areas of the business. I still like to be involved in building some projects.  The quality of Alpeco’s products, both those we build and those we supply, and my hard working team are my motivation to continue to work hard and grow the company.

Tom has been with Alpeco for over 25 years - since 1998.

His company was one of the first acquisitions made by Flowmax.

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