Richard Stammers

Managing Director, Essco Group

Having grown Essco Controls successfully over the last few years I took the decision to look for a partner to invest in the business. Once a family business reaches a certain size the owners have to decide whether to try and push on to the next level alone or to bring in resource to help them grow.

Having looked at several options Flowmax stood out as the most suitable suitor. Their philosophy of maintaining owner involvement and autonomy appealed to me. They allow business owners complete discretion on how to run the business day to day whilst at the same time allowing us to benefit from being part of a much larger group.

Flowmax have allowed us to fund an acquisition within the first two year of ownership and Essco has grown substantially as a direct result of being part of the Group.

Prior to joining Flowmax, Richard has grown Essco Controls over the last few years as a family-run business.

Flowmax allows us to run the business day to day and benefit from the resources of being part of a larger group.

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