Matt Terry


I’ve been in the industry for almost 20 years and my family were one of the original owners of Centre Tank Services. Now I am the Managing Director of CTS, Castle Pumps and Whisper Pumps.

I have had time to develop my management style, and Flowmax’s supportive approach has allowed me the opportunity to build a strong proactive team. I still have plenty of time for my young family and I make sure I always find time to dust off the mountain bike.

Flowmax Group allows me to manage the business and offers excellent guidance, financial management and strategy support. Like any larger groups there are always changes to the way information is communicated but this all happens whilst keeping the original company ethos, or maintaining the style of the individual business leader. No company is the same, the people and personalities make them different.

Matt has 20 years industry experience.

His family has roots in the original ownership of Centre Tank Services.

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