Carl Coutts-Trotter


In Flowmax we found a business and management team with a very similar culture. This cultural fit was essential in our decision to bring Flowmax into the SA Bias Group in 2012. In addition, Flowmax’s business model of acquiring or partnering with medium sized family-owned industrial businesses has been extremely successful over more than 25 years and has created a group of diversified companies with significant growth potential.

We believe that the combination of family values, personal attention, common sense business acumen, and a diversified portfolio of companies will lead to many more years of success for the Flowmax Group. Flowmax has become one of the core pillars of the SA Bias Group.

Carl is an actuary by qualification and spent 12 years working in the Insurance Industry in South Africa and the USA. He serves on the boards of numerous unlisted companies. He has been a member of the board of SA Bias Industries since 2005 and was appointed Group Managing Director in 2013. The Coutts-Trotter family control SA Bias together with their partner, Sabvest Limited.

Carl has been a board member of SA Bias Industries since 2005.

Carl is a qualified Actuary and spent 12 years working in the insurance industry.

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